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The Lyst is a secret society of unemployed plumbers and mechanics who have been sneaking into office buildings and passing themselves off as white collar workers since who-knows-when.

Nobody knows quite when it all started, though its origin as an Ivan Stang fan club is clear. It began as a "SubGenius" email exploder on an MIT server, possibly in the early 1980s, and forked to form alt.subgenius in the early to mid 1990s. By 1995, alt.subgenius and the subgenius.com Web site had largely replaced the "The Subgenius Digest" and the subscriber count had declined to about 250. The list maintainer (or "immoderator", in list parlance), Michael Travers, announced that the list would be terminated in mid-May of that year. That is, unless someone took over the list....

Wiki of The Lyst

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