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    8/31/04 | $ddate

    The Greedy impale themselves 
    on many heartaches...
    -The Apostle Paul

    8/29/04 | Sweetmorn, the 22nd day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3170

    The Buinessman

    an animal among animals
    the buisnessman
    an 'it' that stinks of excuse
    -author unknown (actually forgoten atm)

    8/13/04 | Orange, the 6th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3170

    Transatlantic travels

    So my fellow humans that read this..I am far from where i usually type this.

    7/22/04 | Pungenday, the 57th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3170

    QOTD: BuckministerFuller on 'Change'

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
     To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

    7/20-21/04 | Boomtime, the 56th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3170

    This goes out to all people that have been abused, incarcerated, silenced and destroyed
    for going (not necessarily intentionaly) contrary to contemporary taboos and popular opinion
    of the powers in charge be them Monarchs, Religious Institutions, Governments, Science (the new inquisition)
    Greed-Oriented Buisnesses/Corporations, Playground Bullies etc..

    <Enter a gesture of Salute for the above>
    Maybe one day you will all be vindicated

    7/16/04 | $ddate

    enter bold title here

    Enter meme here.
    and here
    give it a third sentence with a good 1-liner here
    top it off with a link somewhere...around...

    7/2/04 | Prickle-Prickle, the 38th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3170

    MoVies/TheCorporation (tm)

    Just saw a really great documentary. Dedicated a wiki page for it.
    MoVies/TheCorporation. Check it out.

    further examination to be done on this URL.

    7/1/04 | Boomtime, the 36th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3170

    "One more medicated peaceful moment"

    I realize that "routine" is really really important to humans.
    First day of work I scrounge my brain, trying to 'wrap it around' whatever task i've been given. Understanding it. (coincedentally, I read in some NLP aka NeuroLinguisticProgramming site that "When we say we understand something, 'I understand', we have ceased to think about it anymore")
    My mind contorts and flexs to grasp the root of the task, and then i try to implement how to go about it most optimal time-saving fashion. Once it is realized, i am 'free' of paying it anymore attention unless i am making mistakes or am trying to refine my technique of dealing with it.

    I think this is where atrophe kicks in. Frank Herbert "Without change, something sleeps inside usö comes to mind. I think it also effects the rest of the systems in our body (muscular, galandular, nervous). You've probably heard of the term 'Muscle-Memory' or 'Knee-Jerk Reflex'. I guess those are assumed when the body/brain is so used to the repetitive motion/notion of a task.

    Thinking back on my first days of work at the different jobs I've worked at I felt very 'alive'. Not neccessarily joyful or on the verge of 'rapture' but very 'in my body' or 'in the moment'. My first days have all been super-swift. As if processing all that new information put me in a hyper-reality, ever-busy and wide-eyed.

    Tom Brown Jr. (author and outdoor educator) speaks of how as a kid his hobby was tracking. He tracked everything. Insects, 2 and 4 legged animals, the elements (storms, streams). He used to sit in his town and track other people. Sitting outside of a shop of some sort, the entrance had a large sandy pit infront. He would sweep and level the sand and wait for a customer to walk in and/or out. Then he would run over to the pit and look at the indentation they made. He started to correlate body weight/height to the track. Amazingly he learned to decipher discern emotional states of the person aswel (one day a woman walked out very upset from the store, her tracks were very heavy with emphasis on the front of the foot, toes of shoe more immersed in contrast to when she first walked into the store). But anyway, Tom would wait around and then track that customer and see if successfully it would lead him to their destination. He especially enjoyed tracking tourists. Because their tracks had an non-decisive way about them. Since the tourist was unfamiliar with the territory they wandered. Slowly discovering their surrounding. Looking from here to there and sometimes indecisive about their next move. Tom was fascinated by their tracks, he imagined what was the thought process of the person to go in a certain direction, to turn left instead of right and such. He would track them for days till they started to get more aquainted with the area and formed a routine. He noticed when this happend that the tracks started to look alot like the those of the locals. The exploring or wonder ceased to show up in their tracks. A more decisive, resolute less-interactive was the typical signs he picked up.

    The point, i don't know. I'm writing this more for myself then for anybody. I guess try to break free of routines more. Break out of common ruts. "I'm bored" should raise an eyebrow for you, a symptom of stagnation. Look at things differently, from a different angle, or maybe they way someone else might look at it (a conservative, a mathematician, a garbage person, a prostitute, whatever). Catch yourself sounding off those default sayings that you express. Say something else. Run around naked..Dance with poodles..Listen to Primus while mowing the lawn sideways.


    I strongly agree on your last sentence. -- MattisManzel

    You're doing interesting pages here. I like that. -- MattisManzel

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