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    <jargon />

    This is the JargonFile (V4.47) entry for JavaScript - Next: [[]], Prev: [[1. [very common] The lowest form of {cracker}; script kiddies do

          mischief with scripts and {rootkit}s written by others, often
          without understanding the {exploit} they are using. Used of people
          with limited technical expertise using easy-to-operate,
          pre-configured, and/or automated tools to conduct disruptive
          activities against networked systems. Since most of these tools are
          fairly well-known by the security community, the adverse impact of

    such actions is usually minimal.]]

    • (text is auto-included via JargonExtension by mutante using JargonFile VERSION 4.4.7, 29 DEC 2003 - JargonFile by Eric S. Raymond is in the public domain)
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