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    Jamaica Focus Mediastream Corporation Ltd.

    An IT company located in New Kingston, Jamaica. New Kingston is the business district of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.

    Jamaica Focus offers to its clients the development of all kinds of websites, such as pure informative websites or interactive database-driven websites. JF also offers streaming broadcast based on widely compatible standards, software engineering and digital filming and editing.

    The founder of Jamaica Focus Mediastream Corporation is a German who offers his services since 1999 to Jamaican companies and organizations. He early recognized that most other IT companies in the island prefered to use very expensive price structures and produced websites of average standards. The German decided to use his company to offer a completely new service combination on the Jamaican market: low prices based on European examples and high-quality websites with fixed, permanently accessable link area and branding name area!

    Meanwhile, some other companies follow this new trend.

    It took around two years until Jamaica Focus made its name in Jamaica. Currently (2005), there are more than 40 websites online, engineered for private persons, small companies up to big companies and NGOs and government.

    In 1999 the company offered the first time the service of the development of computer animations and it is believed, that this might be the point, where this kind of service was offered the first time within Jamaica.

    The Jamaica Focus Mediastream Corporation Ltd. continues to be a trendsetter in Jamaica with its innovative ideas and technologies offered.

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