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While not listed in Principia Discordia, one of the most commonly celebrated Discordian "holydays" is Jake Day, which occurs on April 6 (Discord 23), or occasionally May 23 (Discord 70), which is also known as Jake Day Jr. and Day of the Elppin. "Jakes" are pranks or mindfucks. From Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht:

April 6 (23 Discord): Jake Day (O). Get a group of people to send letters, postcards, faxes, emails, etc. all to hopefully arrive at some business or government agency you want to Jake on this day (you're allowed to do Jakes on other days as well, of course). The messages should give tongue-in-cheek support to causes or candidates you oppose, address non-existent concerns or imaginary problems, or be just plain weird. Examples: assert that your family's woolly mammoth should be allowed to run for king, or that you're positive the president is actually a pineapple. Jakes should be fun, not threatening, and are all part of Operation Mindfuck.