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    Humanure/Member Contributed Links

    This is a running list of links that have been contributed to the Humanure Zaadz Pod.

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    • Water Aid About: WaterAid is an international charity dedicated to helping people escape the stranglehold of poverty and disease caused by living without safe water and sanitation. In the context of what are the current structures for processing and are they efficient in terms of sewerage and sanitation. Mentioned in this thread.
    • good example of waste water systems dealing with sanitisation of water systems Mentioned in same thread as above.
    • Biolytix especially this example they've commerc-ialised an awesome system for addressing this issue (which is processing waste). Mentioned in same thread as above


    Tree Free Toilet Paper[edit]


    • Greening the Desert

      They laughed at him and said it couldn't be done. Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl. But Geoff Lawton had other ideas. He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive. In this story, Geoff talks about re-greening the deserts of Jordan. By applying the principles of permaculture, the Jordanians managed to salvage a heavily salted environment and turn it into a green oasis. Geoff lives and teaches at his farm near The Channon, a small community not far from Lismore. Geoff boasts that despite not having a police station or church, the Channon has some of the most tolerant and friendly people in Australia. www.permaculture.org.au

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