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So, maybe you thought before or are thinking..

This whole environment conservation, energy management thing is not going to work 
It's not economically feasible and there are NO alternatives out there

so life keeps on sucking and looking bleak. Well you buisness folk out there or people that work for buisness men and women..

Welcome to evolution..

A growing trend of Buinesses are purchasing energy through alternative manufacturing resources. This page here will explain what, how, how much and where.


This Guide to Purchasing Green Power provides information about green power purchasing to current and potential Green Power Partners. The Guide includes information about different types of green power products, the benefits of green power purchasing, and how to capture the benefits of green power purchasing. The Guide was written as a cooperative effort of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, the World Resources Institute, and the Center for Resource Solutions.

The above guide in .pdf format

(are their EU-union guides out there aswell?)