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    Ok..so..I've encountered this problem over and over again.. How do you change network configurations to a "windows2k/NT/XP" machine.

    found some stuff online which was sort of informative specifically [HowTo/ChangeIpSettingsInWindows#netsh how to use netsh.exe] to change net configs. I will try to find numerous examples of netsh.exe scripts. Feel free to add your own netsh examples aswell.

    The content immediately below is snipped off some forum, the M$ link is just a manual page for netsh.exe [#netsh]

    Changing Windows IP Address via Command Line 
    In the past I posted a question asking about a Windows script 
    to change my IP Address on the fly. I received a great response 
    directing me to this program, http://www.mobilenetswitch.com/, 
    that works great but I like to first try doing things for free. :-)
    To create a small program to change my IP Address 
    I used the ônetshö utility for windows. Snipped from 
    ò	You can use the Netsh.exe tool to perform the following tasks: 
    o	Configure interfaces. 
    o	Configure routing protocols. 
    o	Configure filters. 
    o	Configure routes. 
    o	Configure remote access behavior for Windows-based remote access 
       routers that are running the Routing and Remote Access Server 
       (RRAS) Service. 
    o	Display the configuration of a currently running router on any computer. 
    o	Use the scripting feature to run a collection of commands in batch 
       mode against a specified router.
    Here are some basic steps to make this workàI used Windows2k.
    1) I kept script VERY simple since I only have a few possible addresses that 
    I use and the same DNS is ok as well. 
    I opened a basic notepad and added the following lines:
     netsh interface ip set address "<NAME OF YOUR NIC>" static 1
    2) I then saved the file as a Home-IP.bat. 
    3) Next, I moved this file into ôStart>Programs>My Scripts>Home-IP.batö.
    4) When clicked, this script changes the IP of the NIC defined to with a default gateway of and a metric of 1.
    5) Finally, I repeated the steps for the rest of my remote locations. 
    You can also define a NIC as DHCP if you like as well covering any of those locations.
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