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    Newsgroup Troll Advice:

    BAD: Posting "USA Sucks" to alt.nuke.the.USA, alt.usa-sucks, aus.flame.usa This is totally on-topic and obvious. A truly useless troll.

    AVERAGE: Posting "God Doesn't Exist" to all the alt.religion newsgroups Here you are being too obvious. People recognise this sort of trouble making and have usually learned not to respond to it. However, if your troll is well written you can actually entrap a lot of newbies.

    This, if executed correctly, can be exploited to cause great offence to those more experienced troll avoiders on the groups you are attacking. Go for it!

    GOOD: Posting an article that appears relevant to every group but with no connection between those groups other than the fact that you've just trolled them.


    Section 7: The Successful Troll

    A good example of troll success is the famous "How I Envy American Students" troll.

    This troll was written by an English brick-layer posing as an American student. He correctly posted it to all the college news- groups and then left american students to do all the work spreading it.

    His troll ran for over a year, it is known to have generated in excess of 3,500 responses (an average of 1 response every 160 minutes for a whole year) and the greatest coup of all was when an innocent american student lost not only her internet account but was also expelled from high school for abuse of the computer systems.

    Somehow she had managed to get the blame for causing the troll.


    Section 8: Troll RFC

    Applications are requested for a standard API to the existing troller's tool the "Automatic Random X-Post Generator" - now in pre-release beta. Experienced trollers and recovered trollees are invited to submit items for inclusion in this FAQ.


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