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    hdparm is used in Linux for setting harddisk options.

    To view current settings, simply run: hdparm /dev/hda (or /hdb, /hdc, etc.)

    -c1 enables 32-bit I/O

    -d1 enables DMA

    -X66 enables ATA/33

    PIO mode Switch Burst Rate
    0 -X08 3.3MB/sec
    1 -X09 5.2MB/sec
    2 -X10 8.3MB/sec
    3 -X11 11.1MB/sec
    4 -X12 16.7MB/sec

    MW DMA mode Switch Burst Rate
    0 -X32 4.2MB/sec
    1 -X33 13.3MB/sec
    2 -X34 16.6MB/sec
    UDMA mode Switch Burst Rate
    2 (ATA/33) -X66 33MB/sec
    4 (ATA/66) -X68 66MB/sec
    5 (ATA/100) -X69 100MB/sec

    Red Hat uses /etc/rc.sysinit to call scripts /etc/sysconfig/harddiskhda, /etc/sysconfig/harddiskhdb, etc. to run hdparm upon boot.

    File: /etc/sysconfig/harddiskhda:



    To enable DMA during boot, add the following line to your lilo.conf file:

    append = "ide0=dma"

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