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    HavenCo Limited is a data hosting services company founded in 2000 which operates from Sealand. ...

    HavenCo resembles Neal Stephenson's fictional datahaven in the novel Cryptonomicon, and various details match up as well — an investor named Avi, location on an island, affiliation with cypherpunks, use of cryptography, etc.


    HavenCo has been providing services since May 2000 and is fully operational, offering the world's most secure managed servers in the world's only true free market environment, the Principality of Sealand.


    The Principality of Sealand is a former World War II anti-aircraft military fortress in the North Sea. Only authorized persons directly involved in the HavenCo project are permitted to land on the island. The Sealand Government is ideal for web business, as there are no direct reporting or registration requirements..

    1. Ultra-high bandwidth IP communications directly into the Internet backbone, STM-1 to STM-16 and higher, and gigabit speed internal networks, with superior routing and management
    2. Fully redundant power, cooling, network and management systems, using 2N redundancy when possible
    3. Tamper-resistant computing hardware, designed to protect customer transactions from all possible attackers, including HavenCo and its staff
    4. Advanced cryptographic protocols to support access control, financial transactions, and secure transaction backup
    5. Open-source software modifications to allow customers to use existing, reliable, well-understood software while exploiting the features of tamper-resistant and cryptographically-secured servers.


    Your choice of OS includes FreeBSD 4.x-STABLE, Debian GNU/Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and RedHat Linux. Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 can be accomodated, although we generally encourage UNIX for reliability, security, and remote management. We also encourage customers to use open source software whenever possible...


    Sealand currently has no specific regulations regarding patents, libel, restrictions on political speech, cryptography, restrictions on maintaining customer records, DMCA or music sharing services.


    HavenCo Limited is exploiting a unique opportunity to set up the world's first real Data Haven.

    "Havenco has recently changed its business model. Havenco is now only selling Data Centre services directly to organisations that wish to buy rack space, power and large amounts of bandwidth routed to their Point of Presence (POP)." resellers,[

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