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    In the year 1166 B.C., a malcontented hunchbrain by the name of Greyface, got it into his head that the universe was as humorless as he, and he began to teach that play was sinful because it contradicted the ways of Serious Order. "Look at all the order around you," he said. And from that, he deluded honest men to believe that reality was a straightjacket affair and not the happy romance as men had known it.

    According to Principia Discordia, Greyface was a man who lived in the year 1166 BC and taught that life is serious and play is sin. The curse is a psychological and spiritual imbalance that results from these beliefs.

    "Greyface and his followers took the game of playing at life more seriously than they took life itself and were known even to destroy other living beings whose ways of life differed from their own." (Principia Discordia page 00042) [1]

    Bureaucrats, legalists, law enforcement officers, and other order-enforcers are sometimes called The Agents of Greyface or TAG.


    "Im Jahre 1166 v.d.Z. kam einem unzufriedenen Buckelkopf mit Namen Graugesicht in den Sinn, daß das Universum so humorlos wie er selber sei, und er begann zu lehren, daß Spielen sündig sei, weil es den Wegen der ernsthaften Ordnung widersprach. Schau auf all die Ordnung um dich herum sagte er. Und von da an verleitete er ehrbare Menschen, zu glauben, daß Realität eine Zwangsjackengeschichte wäre, und nicht die fröhliche Romanze, als die die Menschen sie gekannt hatte." (Principia Discordia, 42 Fluch des Graugesichts)

    Sein auftauchen markiert den Begin der diskordischen Zeitrechnung.

    Einige identifizieren ihn mit Gruad, dem Begründer der "Partei der Wissenschaft" (Illuminatus!).

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