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    In bringing the World Wide Web to the whole wide world, Geekcorps is looking for talented technology experts to travel to Africa for several challenging IT programs that are changing the role of information and communication technologies in the developing world.


    Geekcorps is looking for the following experts with at least 3-5 years professional experience in their field of specialization:

    Business Experts

    1. - e-Commerce Consultants specializing in the hotel industry
    2. - Small Business IT Consultants in either tourism or light industry
    3. - Journalists knowledgeable in ICT businesses and technologies


    1. - GIS Engineers working on PDA platforms
    2. - Electrical Engineers focused on personal computer hardware
    3. - Lighting Engineers familiar with new LED technologies

    Systems & Networking

    1. - Systems Integrators specializing in XML-based communications
    2. - Wireless Networking Engineers specializing in rural communications
    3. - Networking Engineers specializing in UNIX AIX and Cisco Security systems


    1. - Database Developers integrating relational databases into user interfaces
    2. - Linux OS Developers interested in radio broadcasting and/or WiFi
    3. - Open Source Software Developers specializing in object orientated programming
    4. - Web Designers using modern website back-end technologies


    Volunteers willing to work with people and innovate with minimal technical equipment in a developing country are needed throughout 2006 and would stay in Africa about four months, working on multiple projects and teaching small groups in a hands-on setting. More volunteers will be needed in Winter 2006-7 to continue the experience.


    Geekcorps can offer great benefits besides that warm & fuzzy feeling from doing good. International airfare, expat-level lodging, decent living stipend, and dedicated in-country staff are provided. Daily challenges and rewards are guaranteed.

    Geekcorps ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die Menschen mit technischen Fähigkeiten in Länder der Dritten Welt entsendet, um dort bei der Entwicklung der Kommunikationsinfrastruktur zu helfen. Sie ist eine Abteilung der US-NGO IESC.


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