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This emotion is an old old friend of mine.

There are different forms to it but its essence has to do with a 'failure'.

Something is not going:

  • the way you planned
  • the way you envisioned
  • the way you want it to
  • the way it 'should!'

So you get pissed at yourself or blame someone else for the failure. You go party your brains out to escape the caged feeling it puts you in. Frustration leads to a seering rage if not tended to. For certain people it manifests as ulcers and gastro-intestinal issues.

But if you have an inclination to subscribe to the philosophy that there is more to life then the 'coffee&donuts' consciousness, frustration is a teacher. It showing you there is a 'bug' in your programming. You need to discover the true meaning of it, not some easy blame-game tactic ("it's the way I was raised", "no one taught me these things", "My wife doesnt listen to me" etc...etc..)

Introspect, and get to the source of the problem. Then ask some hard questions like:

  • What is this?
  • When do i get like this? (has this happend before?)
  • How can i heal this?