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A way of linking wiki pages to another, using [[double square brackets]] instead of the traditional CamelCase wiki-linking way from Usemod wiki.

fnord was the switch of the large Wikipedia wiki to so-called "free links", words that are put in [[double square brackets]],which encouraged wiki developers to look for alternative solutions. Various wiki engines use single brackets, curly brackets, underscores, slashes or other characters as a link pattern. Links across different wiki communities are possible using a special link pattern called InterWiki.

---> see CamelCase ,

Hmm, I'm Trying this with WxWikiServer and having very counter-intuitive results. this doesnt seem to work with phrases (and I don't dare try an apostrophe) without appearing to camel case the link. I mean in the rendered text! I thought the point of FreeLinks was to preserve the natural flow of text. Are they only intended for use with single words? It seems to me they work superbly on Instiki

Wow. They really are free links. beautiful. Language teaching will never be the same...