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    Freenet is a decentralized censorship-resistant peer-to-peer distributed data store aiming to provide electronic freedom of speech through strong anonymity.


    wikipedia-de: freenet

    wikipedia-en: freenet

    MattisManzel 12:43, 21 March 2006 (CET): What facinates me about it is the distributed serverload. A wiki running within such a system could not be switched off anymore. I have this strange feel that this is important. Quite a while already. On community-wiki: decentralized wiki I harvested a good roar and maybe I should read more before writing. Maybe. Here on off-topic spam-here-only / discussion I wrote pretty long ago

    If wiki and opensouce developed an internal home `a la freenet for itself, and moved in there, we could leave the whole rest of the internet, google and all to the spammers. All you'd have to do to read it and participate to it would be to install a lttle client-program. It asks you on install what part of your drive you want to offer as space for the common serverload, freenet defaults 150 Megabyte. This cannot be switched off unless you switch off all computers that run the client. Web 3.0

    Someone has added the Web 3.0, I didn't.

    Something you can't switch off anymore. Exept everybody switches off his box. Only then. Else it's impossible.

    --> remember that we all use commercial isp's to connect peer-to-peer...!

    I mean, when they build a new fancy library nowadays they include advanced fire-protection: a warning-system, fire-resistant doors on connetions to parts of he building where precious archives are stored, fire-extictors all over and such. Don't they?

    What also fascinates me is the user-driven, the brain like way of forgetting (=deleting data). Something requested gets copied on its way to the place it was requested at. Old data/memories that haven't been requested are deleted to make space for these copies. It fadcinates me.

    irc.freenode #freenet

    (13:03:30) mattis^: has there ever benn a wiki installed within freenet?
    (13:04:32) mattis^: would that be like "impossible to switch off"?
    (13:05:41) xxx: there is no wiki yet
    (13:06:18) xxx: but if there were one, it would be "impossible to switch off"

    (13:37:16) toad_: there are technical challenges with a wiki over freenet
    (13:37:20) toad_: one day we will make one though
    (13:37:41) toad_: the main problem is it's hard to have a definitive latest version of a page
    (13:38:56) toad_: imho in the long run it would be very useful
    (13:39:17) toad_: interesting project for some lurker here ...
    (13:40:49) toad_: in the long run we should be looking to host (mirrors of) both the internet archive project and the wikipedia ... ideally we would like to host a usable, contributable-to version.

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