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Floatation Tank

Dr. John C. Lilly[edit]

Also known as an Isolation Tank, the floatation tank owes it conception to Dr. John C Lilly.

It all started from one question[edit]

It came about due to Dr. Lilly's research in 1953 when at one point he asked:

"What happens if you remove the stimulation of the outside world?"(on a human organism)

which then leads to the next question:

How does one go about creating an experiment that simulates that kind of enviroment?

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Pictures of different Floatation Tanks[edit]

A Swedish website about floating (in deutsch) (in english) (in polish)
See some pictures of Tanks
Homemade tank
A Swedish tank shaped as a Pyramid!

<flickr limit=5>Floatation Tank</flickr>

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