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here are some of the Firefox plugins / Extenstions used by s23 WiKi members.


Statusbar Clock[edit]

  • Statusbar Clock- is a nice little clock that show up in the status bar at the bottom of FireFox
    its fully configurable and such


  • downTHEMall- is a mass download extension, just right click select dta and down load all files matching your requirments
    ie select all .pdf's or .mp3's, very nice =)

Mozilla update Page


Web Developer Toolbar[edit]

  • Web Developer Toolbar- very usefull toolbar for building and designing webpages. Especially when it comes to CSS, since you can see the effect of your edits to your stylesheet at once.


  • Spellbound- A spell checker that works with text input boxes for wiki's forums and such.

Image Zoom[edit]

Wikipedia Editor[edit]

  • Wikipedia Editor- Adds lots of function for editing Wikipedia, also works for other MediaWiki based wiki's ie this one.



==ChatZilla== -

  • ChatZilla is an IRC client that is written entirely in JavaScript and XUL.
    • all about ChatZilla download
    • Hint if you want to load your chatzilla prefrences in to a new firefox profile, you need to copy the 'extensions.irc' preffrences for chatzilla from '$old_path/profile/prefs.js'. it's the lines begining with 'user_pref("extensions.irc.*' there could be some long lines so make shore you get them all... thanks to the frendly people on [1] for this hint.


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