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What is an Emic Reality[edit]

The unified field made up of thoughts, feelings, and apparent sense impressions that organize our inchoate(definition:In an initial or early stage; Imperfectly formed or developed;having no distinct shape) experiences into meaningful patterns; the paradigm or model that people create by talking to each other, or by communicating in any symbolism; the culture or time and place; the semantic environment. Every Emic reality has its own structure, which imposes structure upon raw experience. copied from Robert Anton Wilson's The New Inquisition (Falcon Press)


  • Very similiar to the definition of what Don Juan's Tonal seems to be.
  • For me this seems to be a great descript of scenarios that I have been in with other people. Conversations that have gone sour because of some racist remark spoken by an outspoken and persuasive individual who seemed to have deep racial discrimination issues, which in turn created a whole emic reality in which this or that group was totally oppressed by this or that other group. That was the reality of that conversation, until it ended. Then breaking free from the interaction, disengaging, suddenly i would have to recycle through my own sense experience and see if any of that could be true. Either way, in that short time of interaction, a whole 'world' was created and destroyed.

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