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Dostoevsky: the novel of discord

Published in 1976 and not reprinted since, Dostoyevsky, the Novel of Discord quickly became one of the standard English-language introductions to Dostoevsky's principal works, "a scholarly, perceptive and well-written study", "absorbing and demanding" and "suitable both for the general reader and the university student", in the view of reviewers in major Slavonic journals at the time. It quickly found a place in undergraduate and graduate libraries around the English-speaking world. Seeing Dostoevsky's novels as expressions of the modern European mind, the book acknowledges his affinities with the Romantic tradition, his preoccupation with abnormal psychology and his concern with contemporary ideological debate, while emphasising that in major areas of human experience Dostoevsky and his heroes were seeking new structures in a world where the old accepted values had lost their credibility and had either collapsed or were in the process of collapsing.

London, London & New York, Barnes & Noble, 1976

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