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Since quite a few people asked how they can contribute to the server (most important is RAM) upgrade, i finally made a paypal account and setup this page. thanks in advance,i hope it works allright, since i just finish setting it up the first time. --mutante

oki well i just did my bit =) come yall send us your pennies --DrOwl

Hugs to DrOwl! i was just wondering about that name that showed up in the account; So i can confirm it works and Paypal keeps 55 cent of it, so 4,68 remaining. Fees could be worse,for international,hm? And i should also mention that Finn and MattisManzel already donated in other ways before. --mutante

Ya not to bad, it would cost a hella lot more to do a internashanal money transfer with the bank, oh wow Mut know my IRL name now =) i didnt think of that guess ill have to "dissapere" again dont worry ill still be here as DrOwl ;)