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    Dischord Records was created in 1980 to document the music coming out of the Washington, D.C. punk community. The label has put out the work of over 40 bands, and has distributed hundreds of other releases connected to the D.C. area.

    Dischord Records is a Washington, D.C.-based record label specializing in D.C.-area independent punk music.

    Ian MacKaye (b. April 16, 1962) is the founder and co-owner of Dischord Records.

    Ian MacKaye has served as bassist for The Teen Idles, lead singer for Minor Threat and Embrace and guitarist/singer for Fugazi.

    He is credited with starting the Straight Edge philosophy and is one of the pioneers of the DIY punk ethic.

    Dischord was a focal label in the early days of Hardcore.

    Recent bands to join Dischord include Q and Not U, Beauty Pill, and Black Eyes.


       * Dag Nasty  (1985-1991)
       * Embrace  (1985-1986)
       * Fugazi   (1987)
       * Lung Fish(1988)
       * Minor Threat    (1980-1983)
       * Rites Of Spring (1984-1986)
       * Shudder To Think   (1986-1998)
       * among others 

    === FUGAZI!!!!!! === -KunDa

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