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So far all Debian distribution codenames have been characters taken from the movie "Toy Story" by Pixar.

|      buzz (Buzz Lightyear) was the spaceman, version 1.1
|      rex was the tyrannosaurus, version 1.2
|      bo (Bo Peep) was the girl who took care of the sheep, version 1.3.x
v      hamm was the piggy bank, version 2.0
       slink (Slinky Dog (R)) was the toy dog, version 2.1
|      potato was, of course, Mr. Potato (R), version 2.2
|      woody was the cowboy, version 3.0
|      sarge was the sergeant of the Green Plastic Army Men, version 3.1
v      etch was the toy blackboard (Etch-a-Sketch (R)), version 4.0 (current stable)
       lenny was the binoculars. (current testing)
v      sid was the boy next door who destroyed toys. (always unstable)

from The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ Chapter 6.3