Dead Kennedys

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Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables :Alternative Tentacles, 1980.
In God We Trust Inc. :Alternative Tentacles, 1981.
Plastic Surgery Disasters :Alternative Tentacles, 1982.
Frankenchrist :Alternative Tentacles, 1985.
Bedtime For Democracy :Alternative Tentacles, 1986.
Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death :Alternative Tentacles,1987.

SINGLES / EPs[edit]

California Über Alles :Alternative Tentacles, 1979.
Holiday in Cambodia :Cherry Red, 1980.
Kill The Poor :Cherry Red, 1980.
Too Drunk to Fuck :Cherry Red, 1981.
Bleed For Me :Alternative Tentacles, 1982.
Halloween :Alternative Tentacles, 1982.

Some Favorites[edit]