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    Day of Discord is planned worldwide for Saturday, August 23, 2008. It is a chance for Discordians to discover others who live in their local area, and to meet and participate in activities together.


    Day of Discord was sparked when a few Discordians discovered they lived near each other while chatting in the Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade at the end of May 2008, An Anonymous Lifeform and Reverend Loveshade (who shared a mask as Enlarge Your Manhood) learned they lived near Sister Creamy (masked as Good To The Last Drop). The three of them, a mutual friend named Perlie the Pony Girl, and Binky the WonderSkull planned a sexually-oriented Discordian get-together in Texas on the weekend of June 20 - 22, 2008. They called it ShamliCon. The name and concept were inspired by KallistiCon, ran by St. Mae, Johnny Brainwash, and others on that same weekend in California.

    King Fish (masked as Mr.Random andthe CoolKats) participated in the DCM discussion, but couldn't join the ShamliCon group because of distance and legal complications. But the planned get-together inspired King Fish in early June 2008 to encourage Discordians world wide to meet with others who lived close by. Rev. St. Syn, KSC, took up and promoted the idea, and it's being promoted by several Discordians worldwide (or at least in English-speaking countries).

    Conflict and Threats[edit]

    The get-together was threatened in July 2008 by a conflict at POEE/ UK Resource Center, primarily between King Fish and The Good Reverend Roger. Roger and others began insulting and possibly threatening people who posted their general location and other information in what may have been an attempt to stop Day of Discord. But at the same time, Roger posted that he had dozens of people who wanted to get together in his area. King Fish and others expressed disapproval of the insults and threats, and removed some of Roger's posts. In turn, several posters expressed strong disapproval of the removal. It appears that King Fish and several others have withdrawn from the site and the event due to the heated conflict.


    Here's a description as it appears on the poee.co.uk or POEE/UK Resource Center website:

    Greetings Eris and Others,

    This is rather simple. You merely need to start a thread with your general location (e.g. Near Edinburgh) as the title and post posible locations for a meetup on Aug. 23. If you find a thread with a location within reach just join in and aid in the planning.

    Once you have a few people begin the planning for the days festivities. O:MF is encouraged and consumables should be accouted for during the planning. If you are having trouble coming up with any ideas for what to do check the Idea thread, or indeed the O:MF forum. The date of Aug. 23 will not be enforced in any way but the idea of a day of world-wide Mindfucks apeals to me. If you have any questions post them here I will try to respond asap.

    Even if you are unable to participate this should lead to being aware of other Discordians in your area and a generaly hightened level of chaos.


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