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The Daily Chump Bot is an IRC bot which allows you to create a collaborative weblog from IRC chat. Using it is easy: just cut and paste a URL into the channel and then add comments using a simple label.

Here's an example of using the Chump:

<ircuser> http://xmlhack.com/ -dc- A: http://xmlhack.com/ from ircuser <ircuser> A:|An excellent XML site -dc- titled item A <ircuser> A:Daily news for XML developers -dc- commented item A

The Chump produces an XML file per day. Some suitable server side magic might style that XML into something like this:

Downloading and installing

You'll need Python 2.1 or better to run the bot. The current version is 1.3 (11 June 2003). Download the distribution here. Installation instructions are contained in the archive. A ChangeLog is available, showing most recent changes to the software.