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Cyberwars mutante vs. 23
Cyberwars CCC gang

Cyber Wars is a browser-based game which runs in realtime on the server, also when you are not logged in. It is about hacking and becoming the best player.

Cyber Wars - Online Game (enhanced version) Cyber Wars - Online Game

-- DrOwl has made a spread sheet in open office format get Portable OO here that you can use to analyze your market buying / selling.

It is still in its early days, (no use of macros yet) but I find it to be most usefull.

if you would like to know how to use it contact DrOwl either on IRC, His Cyber Wars or Wiki Talk page User_talk:DrOwl

Cwars Market and Stats Sheet[edit]

BLANKcwsheet0.1.5.ods Change log

BLANKcwsheet0.1.3.ods Change log

BLANKcwsheet.ods Change log

Billionaire Calculator[edit]

Once you have 650 million it takes less than a month to become billionaire by just waiting (CW-BillionaireInterestCalc.ods

CW-BillionaireInterestCalc.ods (added by mutante, answers the "When will i be billionaire question")