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    Cryptome is a controversial website, hosted in the United States by its owner John Young, that functions as a repository for information that is prohibited or suppressed by various governments. According to his website, John Young is a former architect from New York City.

    It also contains obscure documents relating to freedom of speech, cryptography, surveillance, and so on.

    Although many of the files available are of little importance, Cryptome has caused a stir in the past with items such as:

    • The MI6 files - a list of MI6 agents published on May 13, 1999.
    • The Eyeball series - a series of detailed maps for sensitive government facilities and sites of significant public interest.
    • Pictures of dead U.S. soldiers from the 2003 invasion of Iraq that the Pentagon refused to release.


    Cryptome offers its archives on a single DVD (CDs no longer offered). Donate $25 for a DVD of the Cryptome archives of 27,000 files from June 1996 to November 2005 (~2.7 GB)

    also see Cartome

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