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The Contiki Operating System

Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for memory-constrained systems.

The Contiki operating system is a highly portable, minimalistic operating system for a variety of constrained systems ranging from modern 8-bit microcontrollers for embedded systems to old 8-bit homecomputers. Contiki provides a simple event driven kernel with optional preemptive multithreading, interprocess communication using message passing signals, a dynamic process structure and support for loading and unloading programs, native TCP/IP support using the uIP TCP/IP stack, and a graphical subsystem with either direct graphic support for directly connected terminals or networked virtual display with VNC or Telnet.

Contiki is written entirely in the C programming language and features:

   * Multi-tasking kernel with loadable programs and drivers.
   * Optional preemptive multi-threading, on per-application basis.
   * TCP/IP networking.
   * Windowing system and GUI.
   * Networked remote display..
   * Personal webserver.
   * The world's smallest web browser.
   * Simple telnet client.
   * Screen-saver.
   * With more applications under development.

Contiki is highly portable; since its release in March 2003, Contiki has been ported to over 20 different platforms.




See Contiki in action running on this Ethernut card:

Download Contiki:

Contiki also makes "Linux (webserver) on C64 come true":

Binary versions of Contiki 1.0 are available in a Commodore 64 D64 disk image suitable for use in emulators: