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this is a nice basic script that uses oracle's sql to get element names that have an nms State of deleted

use strict;
use warnings;
# simple script that outputs the names of elements that have an nmsState of Deleted
# ie it will find elements that have been turned off for the Alcatel import module
# the data in nmsStats is numeric 1 = active, 2 = deleted, 0 = ? 
# i have not find the place in the munual yet with this infomation so this is just a guess

my $oraUser="user name here";
my $oraPassword="password here";
my $oraPath="path to sqlplus command here"; # eg "/oracle/bin"
my $nmsState="2" || die "Missing args $!"; # get required nmsState
my $number="0";

if ($nmsState !~ /0|1|2/) {die "not a valid nmsState";}

my $elements = qx{$oraPath/sqlplus -S $oraUser/$oraPassword <<EOF
set pages 100 lines 1000 head off
SELECT NAME from NH_ELEMENT where NMS_STATE='$nmsState';
EOF };
#print $elements; #works to here.

foreach my $segment (split(/\n/,$elements)) {
   next if $segment =~ /^$/;
   next if $segment =~ /no rows selected/;
   if ($segment =~ /\d[0-10] rows selected/) {$number=$1;}
   print "$segment\n";
  print $number;

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