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    Usage:   nhReport <options>
     -h                      display this usage
     -h traffic              display usage for traffic reports
     -autoRange <type>       calculate the time range based on 'type' (default = previous24Hrs)
     -fromDate <date>        use a specific from date
     -fromTime <time>        use a specific from time
     -toDate <date>          use a specific end date
     -toTime <time>          use a specific end time
     -ascii <file>           output ASCII to 'file'
     -aggregateBy <aggregate>   aggregate by type
     -chartOpts <option>     use a variation of the basic chart type (default = standard)
     -chartType <type>       display data in a form specified by 'chart type' (default = line)
     -check                  verifies RDL syntax without running the report
     -clientAccess <type>    specifies the access type (default = local)
     -dayBaseline <nbr wks>  baseline weeks for daily report
     -divBy <type>           divide data by (none, frames, errors)
     -elemType <type>        element type of the subject name
     -eps <dir>              output EPS per chart/table to 'dir'
     -epsName <name>         use 'name' as the base EPS file name
     -liveExAlarm <name>     include data relevent to alarm rule
     -liveExProfile <name>   include data relevent to exception profile
     -goal <goals>           specify the goals for Top N Reports
     -gran <type>            time axis granularity (asIs, day, hour, week)
     -monthBaseline <nbr mns> baseline months for monthly report
     -namesType <type>       display names in reports as (aliases, names)
     -outputDir <dir>        default root dir for ASCII, EPS, PDF, PS, RDI output
     -partialDayStart <time> include data after this hour (e.g. '7 AM')
     -partialDayStop <time>  include data before this hour (e.g. '7 PM')
     -partialWeek <SMTWTFS>  include data for the days (Sun-Sat)
     -pdf <file>             output PDF to 'file'
     -pr <printer>           output PS to 'printer'
     -protocols <protocols>  specify the protocols for Response
     -protocols2 <protocols2> specify the secondary protocols for Response
     -ps <file>              output PS to 'file'
     -rdiFileIn <name>       name of rdi file to use as report data
     -rptName <report>       the name of the report to run (required)
     -rptType <type>         the type of report to run (required)
     -screen                 output to the screen
     -serviceProfile <name>  name of service profile
     -sortOrder <type>       sort order for data (default = descend)
     -splitDataBy <splitData>    split data by type
     -subCompsType <type>    subcomponents type
     -subjName <name>        subject names to run the report on
     -subjId <Id>            subject IDs to run the report on
     -subjTtl <title>        what to display in the progress tool
     -subjType <type>        element, group, or groupList (default = element)
     -topN <int>             specify Top N matches or all for Top N Reports
     -topNFltrDir <dir>      specify the test direction for Top N Reports
     -topNFltrShow <show>    specify whether to AND or OR tests for Top N Reports
     -topNFltrVal <val>      specify the test values for Top N Reports
     -usePlannedDowntime     use Planned Downtime
     -vars <vars>            list of variables to display
     -web <name>             generate a Web report called 'name'
     -webUser <user>         generate reports for web access by 'user'
     -userVars <var1name>:<var1value>[,...]  list of user variables, name:value pairs, comma delimited
     -weekBaseline <nbr wks> baseline weeks for weekly report
     -wip                    show work in progress
     -tz <timezone>          the timezone to run the report for
     -outFile <file>         redirects the output to the specified file

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