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    I just want some skank!

    Formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1980, this powerful punk/hardcore band featured vocalist Keith Morris (ex- BlackFlag) and guitarist Greg Hetson.

    Singer Keith Morris, who left Black Flag after appearing on its debut single, formed the Circle Jerks with ex-Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson in Los Angeles in 1980. Fast, loud and loose, the Jerks became one of the region's most popular and durable slam bands. Immortalized on celluloid in The Decline of Western Civilization punk documentary, the Circle Jerks found vinyl success (via the film soundtrack and their own releases) later. Typically crude and undisciplined, despite occasional offbeat choices of material (Wild in the Streets contains a hyper remake of Jackie DeShannon's "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"), these Jerks managed to become a live success; their shows generate some of the most intense slam-dancing and stage-diving anywhere. (In 1988, Frontier remixed and reissued Wild in the Streets, appending Group Sex to the CD.)


    Group Sex (Frontier) 1980
    Wild in the Streets (Faulty Products) 1982
    Golden Shower of Hits (LAX) 1983 (Avenue) 1992
    Wönderful (Combat Core) 1985
    VI (Relativity) 1987
    Group Sex/Wild in the Streets (Frontier) 1988
    Gig (Relativity) 1992
    Oddities Abmornalities and Curiosities (Mercury) 1995
    The Decline of Western Civilization (Slash) 1980


    defamation innuendo
    defamation innuendo
    communication to third person
    it's defamation
    my reputation
    defamation, innuendo..
    moral majority
    first there was biology
    then pornography
    so says the moral majority
    telling you and me
    what we can watch and read
    i don't need
    some dumb schmuck telling me
    nice communities
    middle class families
    too much cleanliness
    too much stupidity
    i don't need
    someone telling me
    how to listen and how to read
    whatever happened
    to the first amendment
    the way these people talk
    they've never even heard it

    put a little love in your heart

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