Central Stupidity Agency

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THE classic website defacement of the CIA website back in 1996 done by the so called Power Through Resistance / Swedish Hackers Association.

It said:

Welcome to the Central Stupidity Agency

We'd just like to say one thing.. And that's:

Power Through Resistance would like to say: FUCK YOU! to the Central Intelligence Agency World Wide Web site. ... 
but we already know you're all lame assholes.


never has so few braincells done so little for no one... 

"On the 20th of September 1996, the Swedish hacker group Power Through Resistance hacked the website belonging to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). A feat most people thought impossible.

The hackers reconstructed the CIA start page to included information such as, insults made against the CIA and image-and text-links to sites, mainly hacker related. They also left a personal text message to the CIA..

Hoaxing the CIA

The CIA's very own website disappeared recently and was replaced with a new website proclaiming itself the Central Stupidity Agency. It contained parodies, denunciations, and various insults to the most feared organization on this planet... ..This was signed by the Swedish Hackers Association, which may or may not provide the Agency with a clue to there this gross indcency came from. The present author would suspect anywhere except Sweden. The CIA got the website back under their own control in hours.

See also: CIAC, Crypto-Anarchy, Desovereignization, OM, Poetic Terrorism.

from: Robert Anton Wilson, Everything is Under Control, Conspiracies, Cults and Cover-Ups. ISBN 0062734172