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An attempt to put the human mind-related categories under one supercategory. Could this work ?

IS mind the fuck.. WHAT?

the mind... is the "mind" a physical being? or more a well i don't know... FaKE perception put there by people..? never mind, for the purpose of this "conversation" in which you are reading the shit that i write.... we will call it the "mind".

alright... in all of our (your) own minds, we have "thoughts"... things in which we process information, meaningless or otherwise, and put pieces together into jumbles that when we have a picture, we deem that it must be the correct answer and that it must make sense, not only to yourself (ourselves) but to everyone else... then again, define "sense"...

the not-point i'm trying to make is that what we (you) percieve to be true might not be true to me (them). i could be saying FUCK WHAT YOU THINK I"M RIGHT!!! and see... i AM right... to me atleast...

one more not-point, is that there is no Universe. there are only MULTI-VERSES. we (you) all feel different things. we see different things, we think different things... we all have our own multi-verse and trying to say "why can't the universe just get along with one another" is FUCKING rediculous because we can't and we never will. because we are all thinking feeling beliving shitting fucking different things. why try to live some one elses life?...

Key Terms (you must define these to have a real understanding of this "sub"-section) [not dictionary shit, your (their) own perception] {define that too}...

  2. 2.SENSE


  1. 23!!!.REDICULOUS

(BAHA...these are trick definitions... we (you [me] {them}) have our (mines, yours, maybe alittle of thiers) definitions!!!!.... then again... define "definition"...


start thinking. there, you're done. that's your mind. look about a bit.


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