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Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets is a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site.

HTML was intended as the structural markup language. This language focuses on the roles that the different elements of a document have to play, not how they have to look. CSS has been invented and developed for the Internet. It is not an adapted tool from print or programming, but a means of enhancing HTML.

target is back[edit]

"The Web Standards Project announced some CSS Spec Updates yesterday. Among them was the CSS3 Hyperlink Presentation Module. If you recall, the 'target' attribute was depreciated with xhtml (causing xhtml strict to fail validation), thereby forcing one to use JavaScript to open a link anywhere but the current window/tab of the browser. This "first working draft" proposes the addition of the 'target' property to CSS3 and is even fully aware of tabbed browsing as found in modern browsers..."

a {target: new tab above;}