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A network of interconnected Eggdrops on IRC

Botnet sharing and linking:

botflags: ( use with .botattr botnick + or - , example: .botattr foobot +h)

note: you cannot change the botflags of linked bots. you need to .unlink bot , .botattr and .link it again.

b (bot) s (share/send/active) p (share/accept/passive) h (hub) a (alternate) l (leaf) g (global share) r (reject) i (isolate) 0-9 (user defined)

The short short version is:

On the hub:

.+bot leafbot <host>:<port>

On the leaf:

+bot hubbot <host>:<port>

.botattr hubbot +h

.link hubbot

thats just linked, without sharing ..

for more enhancements go:

then you can also .chattr +f (or more) them to each other.

see: > Eggdrop EggConf IrcBots Tcl TclScripts EggHelp

Irc help: #egghelp on Efnet