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    Bitchbot is a GPL'ed perl-based IRC bot that I coded mainly for #gloom on irc.edgeirc.net. The bot has a wide variety of useful and useless features, to name a few:

       * factoids (bits of information about things)
       * Game server query support for all popular FPS titles (using qstat, www.qstat.org)
       * Message system for leaving short notes for people who are offline.
       * Configurable access list to allow users to manipulate certain features.
       * Channel operator commands (limited use; bitchbot wasn't designed to be a chanbot)
       * Last seen nickname to find out when a user was last on the channel.
       * Vote and poll on user defined topics.
       * Channel statistics (if your server can handle the horrible memory leaks)
       * Support for the cyborgizer and techifier toys from www.brunching.com.
       * A ton of other stuff you'll find from looking at the command reference.
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