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In Unix you can 'autocomplete' a command using tab. I bloody wish I could do that in a Windows DOS shell... what?? I can??

start regedit From Start => Run or in a command prompt, enter 'regedit';

navigate to Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Command<space>Process

set completion characters Change CompletionChar and PathCompletionChar keys to 0x09 (TAB)

test Open a new command prompt. It should start on your system disk. Enter:

cd prog[TAB]

By using the TAB completion character, the command prompt 'completes' the name and should show:

cd "Program Files"

If more than one file/path exists starting with 'prog', pressing TAB repeatedly cycles through all matches.

im on a wik2k machine atm and well i followed the instructions and opened a new terminal .. and when i 'tabbed' i tabbed no completion at all..just a simple tab


You could install cygwin and use [1] bash on windows]


I have Cygwin installed, but this wiki page should state for what windows version the embedded autocomplete function applies to, yes?


OKI this was intended for win NT4, but it did work on 2k as well... you can also download TweekUI 2k, and it has a option in there to set this too