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    Atari Teenage Riot

    A german aggressive electronic punk fusion band / project led by Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore Recordings.

    Atari Teenage Riot
    Alec Empire "The Destroyer"
    Carl Crack
    Hanin Elias





    Sprengbomben im Kinderzimmer

    Vor der Berliner Band Atari Teenage Riot nehmen Eltern Reißaus. Die Musiker drohen in ihren Liedern mit Mord und Zerstörung und blasen zur Straßenschlacht..





    Delete Yourself DHRCD001

       * Start The Riot!
       * Into The Death
       * Raverbashing
       * Speed
       * Sex
       * Midijunkies
       * Delete Yourself! You Got No Chance To Win! (Live in Glasgow 17.10.1993)
       * Hetzjagd Aug Nazis! (Live in Berlin 25.2.1994)
       * Cyberpunks Are Dead!
       * Kids Are United!
       * Atari Teenage Riot
       * Riot 1995

    60 Second Wipe Out DHRCD020

       * By Any Means Necessary
       * Western Decay
       * Atari Teenage Riot II
       * Ghostchase
       * Too Dead For Me
       * U.S. Fade Out
       * The Virus Has Been Spread
       * Digital Hardcore
       * Death Of A President D.I.Y.!
       * Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me)
       * No Success
       * Anarchy 999
       * Revolution Action

    Live at Brixton Academy 1999 DHRCD028

       * Live At Brixton Academy 1999


    Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture DHR015

       * Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture
       * Paranoid
       * Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture Remix
       * You Can't Hold Us Back

    Revolution Action DHRMCD024

       * Revolution Action
       * No Success (Digital Hardcore Remix)
       * Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me) (Digital Hardcore Edit)
       * Hunt Down The Nazis! (Live In Washington DC 1997)

    Too Dead For Me EP DHRMCD026

       * Too Dead For Me
       * (noise #2)
       * Revolution Action (Live in San Francisco 1999)
       * noise #3
       * Anarchy 999 (real mix)
       * Death Of A President DIY (accapella)
       * No Remorse (Live In New York 1999)
       * noise #1
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