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Just a lame attempt of myself a few minutes before midnight *gg* mutante Wanna collect the really good April's Fools stories / links of April 1st 2005? (Well ok, maybe the page should be moved then) mutante 00:05, 2 Apr 2005 (CEST)

|23:49| » Irssi: Join to #setiathome was synced in 0 secs

|23:50| <    mutante> As of today Berkeley decided to pay 1$ per classical SETI WU as a reward to old-time users

|23:51| <@ SillyKing> yeah, that $66k will come in handy

|23:56| <    mutante> i am selling the URL to the contact form for this limited event for a small percentage of your income ;)

|23:57| <@ SillyKing> as long as you don't sell the personal info such that I'd be spammed after trying to collect!

Day changed to 02 Apr 2005
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