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Macurious Advance Guardian Bot (AGBot) is developed by Sim Lim Hai under using Perl as the interpreter programming language.


       1. Password protected
       2. Encrypted user's password file
       3. Multiple users login
       4. Supports multiple level users
       5. Recognize user's nick and host address
       6. Email user's password when they forgot their password
       7. Web base interface, let you manage your users easily
       8. Op protection, protect you from being de-op by someone 
       9. Ban protection, protect you from being banned by someone.
      10. Flood protection, ignore user who flood the bot
      11. Enables flood ban
      12. Enables colors ban
      13. Enables repeated message ban
      14. Enables bad words ban
      15. Most basic IRC commands are supported
      16. Able to learn new knowledge from you
      17. The bot can login to any channel service bot such as chanserv and nickserv.
      18. Able to join multiple channels