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Do we keep it? for old times sake? on the wiki?

For memory, yes we do.

But we should mostly continue it. The table is a horror in edit mode. How do we do it? Like the forum? -- MattisManzel

Seti23 Wiki AdminLog[edit]

Log all admin activities here (at the suggestion of MattisManzel)
Most recent changes should be appended to top of the list.

date (yymmdd)username message
20050201mutante OMFG! getting more extreme. Actually, we should be able to hack a rudimentary "banned content" function into usemod. something must be done...groaar.. mutante
20050201DrOwl nasty, we just got spamed by the same IP rage as before, looks like the ip was'nt set up right in the ban list ( a missing ). How we have a lot of DS to do
050128KunDa Ok..This is a wiki state of emergency. I just removed 4 pages that had over 20 revisions in under a minute, they even spammed the 'Summary' field so much that RecentChanges is a fucking eye sore. The situation is becoming unbearable, these different spam attacks are ruining our whole dynamic here. Let me put it this way, our wiki is like a virgin on prom night getting gang-banged. We need to move to Oddmuse see how that fairs. Lets activate the Text Formating for it.
050114mutante Thanks talisman, But why could this guy still spam ,when there already was in the banned list before? There must be a problem with the banned list or its syntax still.
050114TaLisMaN DS from Free Links to CrayCyber *sry no moods to do more now* // BL *
050109mutante & KunDa BIG CLEANUP of wiki backend. Spam pages were still showing up when one would Index the wiki. Figured out how Index function works, if it's set to a "quick" (cached) method it finds a page called pageidx and outputs it to browser. If it is set to 'slow & reliable" method, the wiki/page/[A-Z/*.db is cycled through and copied to browser. We figured out how to wipe out wikispam generated pages quickly (contact mutante or Kunda via wiki or irc to learn how), renamed pageidx; ran the index function in "slow" (0) method ; then ran the index function in "fast" which cached a new pageidx. Also learned that alot of wiki pages were set insecurely root:root with 777 permissions which we altered. Also discussed ways to deal with spam on <a href="">InterNal</a>. Very productive day.
050107KunDa Added 60.*.*.* (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) to BL + tidied up BL to be more readable. Please let me know if you object. Started a thread on <a href="">InterNal</a> about this. Also, ran a <a href="">Maintenance job</a> (still not sure wtf this does, but it makes me feel good).
050104mutante Added * to banned list to get rid of the guy without reverse dns. Changed "edit text" to make it harder for spammers who google automatized for the default strings.
050104mutante Added to banned list. (SafFdsd again!) Deleting about one alphabet (26 pages) he created now. (again)
041230mutante Added to banned list. (The first spammer who sets up his own username. (SafFdsd) Deleting about one alphabet (26 pages) he created now.
041226KunDa deleted LalaLala page; DS(see legend below) 5 pages + adjusted BL since same perpetrator didnt get banned (webmail.union-city...)
041225KunDa added banned list + d'spmd the page it spammed
041225mutante Manually edited rclog and got rid of the former entries of spam pages in RecentChanges.
041224mutante Big Time X-mas SpamAttack. Added & to bannedlist. Deleted dozens of spam pages as requested by muM (thanks&welcome muM by the way).
Damn! Have to remove another >100 spam pages created by the evil . - Pages Deleted, Ran Maintenance, but didnt help to get rid of the entries in RecentChanges. The pages are deleted but i would like to totally delete any trace of their former existance,actually..
041223TaLisMaN Despammed 2 existing page/Added to bannedlist (spammer)
041223DrOwl Despammed 2 existing page
041223qoreqyasDespammed 1 existing page
0422012mutante Added to bannedlist (spammer)
041412mutante Switched "ParseParas" back to 0. Kunda (and myself) thought it sucked (and it does;)

Deleted spammer page "ItHOUt".


Despammed 1 page,changed a few config settings,including:

"$ParseParas = 1; # 1 = new paragraph markup, 0 = old markup" from 0 to 1
(should make html paragraphs look better.)

"$NumberDates = 1; # 1 = 2003-6-17 dates, 0 = June 17, 2003 dates" from 0 to 1
(i think better for sorting, same format we use on this page)

"$MaskHosts = 0; # 1 = mask hosts/IPs, 0 = no masking" from 1 to 0
(decided to show full IPs again, so admins can add spammers to banned list easier)

"$NonEnglish = 1; # 1 = extra link chars, 0 = only A-Za-z chars" from 0 to 1
(maybe this solves the problem with UmlautPages like Schn⿿rsenkelFarben)

"$UseIndex = 1; # 1 = use index file, 0 = slow/reliable method" from 0 to 1
(faster sounds good for us,using an index file makes sense,i hope this doesnt mean fast is unreliable)

"$SlashLinks = 0; # 1 = use script/action links, 0 = script?action (not changed)
(i tried it ,but switched back immediately because the RecentChanges wouldnt work right. But it is nice to have instead of ,or? Even better would be when is renamed to ,would have to test that more)


Despammed >5 existing pages, gna


Despammed >5 existing pages


Despammed 3 existing pages (chinese spammer); Deleted 1 created page

041210MattisManzel Deleted 1 new spammed page
041210MattisManzel Despammed 2 existing pages
041209MattisManzel Despammed 5 existing pages
041208KunDaDespammed 2 existing pages and one spam created page (ambitious fuckers!)
041208mutanteRenamed a page. (Processing =StrangDream=StrangeDream)

Ran maintenance ; Tried to move invalid page "Schn⿿rsenkelFarben" (Umlauts dont work of course) to "SchnuersenkelFarben", but failed. Need to manually fix / delete. Processing =Schn⿿rsenkelFarben=SchnuersenkelFarben Rename: old page Schn⿿rsenkelFarben is invalid, error is: Invalid Page Schn⿿rsenkelFarben

041208MattisManzelDeleted: about a dozen new spamed pages named "ssNumbered"
041208KunDaLocked Homepage
041207KunDaRan maintenance; Deleted: TimLeary(empty page)
041207mutanteDeleted a few old garbage pages that had been proposed for deletion (without content)

||Legend ||

DS = Despammed
BL = Banned List