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    Acid house is a variant of house music characterized by the use of simple tone generators with tempo-controlled resonant filters. It began when musicians discovered that they could create interesting sounds with the Roland TB-303 analogue bass synthesizer by tweaking the resonant frequency dial as they played.

    Notable acid house artists

    • Phuture - Chicago-based group of acid house pioneers, formed in 1985, and best known for their classic 1987 single "Acid Tracks", which defined the genre
    • 808 State - British outfit from Manchester, formed in 1989. Their first album, Newbuild, was acid house, and occasional acid house influences appeared in later tracks.


    In 1987 Chicago lived it's second explosion of creativity with the birth of this scene with the release of the compilation "Acid Tracks" on Phuture label written by Herbert J, DJ Pierre and Spanky and produced by MARSHALL JEFFERSON. It was created by accident during a test sesion using the legendary Roland TB-303 bass machine. Acid House is characterized by the TB-303's acid bass sequences, and a 4/4 beat, creating a psychedelic effect. The Acid House pioneers were ARMANDO, DJ Pierre, and Spanky, and the style soon arrived to Ibiza, where dj's like PAUL OAKENFOLD, Johny Walker, and Dannt Rampling imported it to the London scene, and "We Call It Aciiieeed" by D-Mob became the it's hymn. The UK Acid House scene was the beginning of the European Rave culture. Other key names from the Acid House scene are BLAZE, WESTBAM, APHRODITE, SLAM, and HARDFLOOR.

    also see: Propellerheads Rebirth (a virtual Roland 303,808,909 on your PC)..

    The AcidJunkies with Miss Djax from DjaxUpBeats: http://www.acidjunkies.com


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