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A.W. by Infocalypse

Insanity is the sole defense
Of a man who knows too much
As we may think, we thought we knew
That we may know as much
Creativity is the sole defense
Of a man who has the touch
Ziggurats of gold and lapis
Await the people's trust

You may wish, like most, for heaven
Illuminated, that you are
But all of us are heaven-sent
The eye within a star
You may wish, like me, for chaos
Illuminated, that we are
Our minds alone will set us free
And bring us through the bars

Insanity is the sole offense
Of a man who knows too much
Everything true, nothing permissable
No one you can trust
Certainty is the key offense
Of those who know enough
They think they have the answers
There's no one they can trust

Fnord is in the background
Stars are in the sky
Gods are in the forground
And cars go rushing by
When the world has born or made
A first illuminatus
A persephone of welded steel
A silicon goddess

The ziggurat rises high
In the order of the mind
The men who built it floating by
The order of their kind
Into this world is born or made
A second Nostradamus
A lighted knight of gates of El
A rational prophet

The pyramids rising high
With the order of the mind
The xanadu stars in the sky
Communicate with their kind
As the past goes rushing by
We try not to be blind
The light of truth gets in our eye
And with it we will bind