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In computing port 69 is used by TFTP.

In human sexuality position 69 describes a position where both partners can have oral sex with the other at the same time. (en-wp:69_sex_position)

In the year '69 the Woodstock festival [Immanentize_the_eschaton#Popular_culture|immanentized]. (http://www.woodstock69.com/)

The Sisters of Mercy had a song called 1969, with the popular lyrics:

It's 1969 ok
We got a war across the USA
There's nothing here for me and you
We're just sitting here with nothing to do


Sonic Youth w/ Lydia Lunch - Death Valley 69

YouTube: 69

In math: Adding up the divisors of 1 through 9 gives 69. 6932 = 6969... , 69 is equal to 105 octal, while 105 is equal to 69 hexadecimal, 69 is a semiprime, On many calculators, the highest factorial that can be computed within memory limitations is 69!, A numeral system based on 69 is called 'sexagesimal'. Factorization: 3 x 23, Divisors: 1, 3, 23, 69. Roman: LXIX. Binary: 1000101 ...