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    1000 Blank White Cards

    1000 Blank White Cards is a card game, the purpose of which is to create the cards you're playing with.

    The original version of the game was created by Nathan McQuillan of Madison, Wisconsin. I originally learned about that version of the game here , and aparently they got it from here, they also say There are now two lovely mirrors here(sorry, 404) and here.

    This new edition of the game was created in late 2001 by Riff Conner, and has been extensively playtested by the Discordian Intelligence Agency - Riff Conner, Mark and Kelly Hennies, and David Youtz - along with various guest stars. Several rules guidelines have been added, for the purpose of giving it a more gamelike framework.

    What You Need:

    • 3-6 players
    • A pen for each of them, preferably black. Don't use felt-tips - they soak right through the cards. Pilot Roller-Balls are great.
    • A bunch of... blank white cards. We use unlined index cards cut in half. You will need 40, 60, or 90 of them, depending on how many players you have and whether you've played before. It's also good to have some extras on hand.
    • If you have played before, you will need the stockpile of cards you had left over from the last game.

    to find out how to play go to one of the site linked above

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