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Revision as of 09:54, 16 February 2008 by imported>mutante (→‎get rid of dupes)

Check Wikia Wikistats database for entries where "name" field is different from the subdomain name used in "statsurl".

Add Interwiki prefix


.. so we can use Wikia:Test to link to Wikia wiki "test".

Dump from DB

mysql> select id,name,statsurl from wikia into outfile 'wikia-checklist.txt';

Run PHP cmd-line script on it

<HighlightSyntax> <?php $lines=file("/home/mutante/wikia-checklist.txt");

echo "== Wikia wikis where name not like statsurl == \n== 'name' 'subdomain' ==\n"; foreach ($lines as $line_num => $line) {

$pieces=explode("\t",$line); $name=$pieces[1]; $url=$pieces[2];

$url_name=explode("http://",$url); $url_name=explode(".wikia",$url_name[1]); $url_name=explode("/",$url_name[0]); $url_name=$url_name[0];

if ($name!=$url_name) {

  1. echo "# $name != $url_name \n";

echo "update wikia set name=\"$url_name\" where name=\"$name\"; \n"; }

} ?> </HighlightSyntax>


Wikia wikis where name not like statsurl

'name' 'subdomain'

  1. animalcrossingds != animalcrossing
  2. automation != industrialautomation
  3. business_owns != businessowns
  4. dc != en.dcdatabaseproject.com
  5. ddr != en.ddr
  6. doraemon != ja.doraemon
  7. en.cancer != cancer
  8. en.fantasy != fantasy
  9. en.futurama != futurama
  10. en.gta != gta
  11. en.israel != israel
  12. en.tibia != tibia
  13. eomemoryalpha != memory-alpha.org
  14. Feuilleton != kultur
  15. mightandmagic != pl.mightandmagic
  16. oss != opensource
  17. silent != silenthill
  18. v2l != education
  19. wesleyan != students
  20. wikiality != wikiality.com
  21. ww2 != war
  22. memory-alpha.org/de != memory-alpha.org
  23. memory-alpha.org/en != memory-alpha.org
  24. memory-alpha.org/mu != memory-alpha.org
  25. memory-alpha.org/nl != memory-alpha.org
  26. dcdatabaseproject.com != en.dcdatabaseproject.com
  27. www.marveldatabase.com != en.marveldatabase.com
  28. memory-alpha.org/es/ != memory-alpha.org
  29. ukrailways != en.trains
  30. ageofkings != ageofempires
  31. Talesofpirates != talesofpirates
  32. ssb != super-smash-bros
  33. WikiWoW France != fr.wowwiki.com
  34. Tamsui != Wikia:
  35. assasinscreed != assassinscreed
  36. es.starcraft2 != es.starcraft
  37. FFXIclopedia != wiki.ffxiclopedia.org
  38. en.anime != anime
  39. FFXIclopedia (ja) != ja.wiki.ffxiclopedia.org

update wikia set name="animalcrossing" where name="animalcrossingds";

update wikia set name="industrialautomation" where name="automation";

update wikia set name="businessowns" where name="business_owns";

update wikia set name="en.dcdatabaseproject.com" where name="dc";

update wikia set name="en.ddr" where name="ddr";

update wikia set name="ja.doraemon" where name="doraemon";

update wikia set name="cancer" where name="en.cancer";

update wikia set name="fantasy" where name="en.fantasy";

update wikia set name="futurama" where name="en.futurama";

update wikia set name="gta" where name="en.gta";

update wikia set name="israel" where name="en.israel";

update wikia set name="tibia" where name="en.tibia";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="eomemoryalpha";

update wikia set name="kultur" where name="Feuilleton";

update wikia set name="pl.mightandmagic" where name="mightandmagic";

update wikia set name="opensource" where name="oss";

update wikia set name="silenthill" where name="silent";

update wikia set name="education" where name="v2l";

update wikia set name="students" where name="wesleyan";

update wikia set name="wikiality.com" where name="wikiality";

update wikia set name="war" where name="ww2";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/de";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/en";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/mu";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/nl";

update wikia set name="en.dcdatabaseproject.com" where name="dcdatabaseproject.com";

update wikia set name="en.marveldatabase.com" where name="www.marveldatabase.com";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/es/";

update wikia set name="en.trains" where name="ukrailways";

update wikia set name="ageofempires" where name="ageofkings";

update wikia set name="talesofpirates" where name="Talesofpirates";

update wikia set name="super-smash-bros" where name="ssb";

update wikia set name="fr.wowwiki.com" where name="WikiWoW France"

update wikia set name="" where name="Tamsui";

update wikia set name="assassinscreed" where name="assasinscreed";

update wikia set name="es.starcraft" where name="es.starcraft2";

update wikia set name="wiki.ffxiclopedia.org" where name="FFXIclopedia";

update wikia set name="anime" where name="en.anime";

update wikia set name="ja.wiki.ffxiclopedia.org" where name="FFXIclopedia (ja)";

get rid of dupes

delete from wikia where name="animalcrossing";

delete from wikia where name="en.fantasy";

delete from wikia where name="oss";

delete from wikia where name="v2l";

delete from wikia where name="dcdatabaseproject.com";

delete from where name="ukrailways";

delete from where name="ageofkings";

delete from where name="assasinscreed";

delete from where name="en.anime";

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