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Revision as of 09:53, 16 February 2008 by imported>mutante

Check Wikia Wikistats database for entries where "name" field is different from the subdomain name used in "statsurl".

Add Interwiki prefix


.. so we can use Wikia:Test to link to Wikia wiki "test".

Dump from DB

mysql> select id,name,statsurl from wikia into outfile 'wikia-checklist.txt';

Run PHP cmd-line script on it

<HighlightSyntax> <?php $lines=file("/home/mutante/wikia-checklist.txt");

echo "== Wikia wikis where name not like statsurl == \n== 'name' 'subdomain' ==\n"; foreach ($lines as $line_num => $line) {

$pieces=explode("\t",$line); $name=$pieces[1]; $url=$pieces[2];

$url_name=explode("http://",$url); $url_name=explode(".wikia",$url_name[1]); $url_name=explode("/",$url_name[0]); $url_name=$url_name[0];

if ($name!=$url_name) {

  1. echo "# $name != $url_name \n";

echo "update wikia set name=\"$url_name\" where name=\"$name\"; \n"; }

} ?> </HighlightSyntax>


Wikia wikis where name not like statsurl

'name' 'subdomain'

  1. animalcrossingds != animalcrossing
  2. automation != industrialautomation
  3. business_owns != businessowns
  4. dc != en.dcdatabaseproject.com
  5. ddr != en.ddr
  6. doraemon != ja.doraemon
  7. en.cancer != cancer
  8. en.fantasy != fantasy
  9. en.futurama != futurama
  10. en.gta != gta
  11. en.israel != israel
  12. en.tibia != tibia
  13. eomemoryalpha != memory-alpha.org
  14. Feuilleton != kultur
  15. mightandmagic != pl.mightandmagic
  16. oss != opensource
  17. silent != silenthill
  18. v2l != education
  19. wesleyan != students
  20. wikiality != wikiality.com
  21. ww2 != war
  22. memory-alpha.org/de != memory-alpha.org
  23. memory-alpha.org/en != memory-alpha.org
  24. memory-alpha.org/mu != memory-alpha.org
  25. memory-alpha.org/nl != memory-alpha.org
  26. dcdatabaseproject.com != en.dcdatabaseproject.com
  27. www.marveldatabase.com != en.marveldatabase.com
  28. memory-alpha.org/es/ != memory-alpha.org
  29. ukrailways != en.trains
  30. ageofkings != ageofempires
  31. Talesofpirates != talesofpirates
  32. ssb != super-smash-bros
  33. WikiWoW France != fr.wowwiki.com
  34. Tamsui != Wikia:
  35. assasinscreed != assassinscreed
  36. es.starcraft2 != es.starcraft
  37. FFXIclopedia != wiki.ffxiclopedia.org
  38. en.anime != anime
  39. FFXIclopedia (ja) != ja.wiki.ffxiclopedia.org

update wikia set name="animalcrossing" where name="animalcrossingds";

update wikia set name="industrialautomation" where name="automation";

update wikia set name="businessowns" where name="business_owns";

update wikia set name="en.dcdatabaseproject.com" where name="dc";

update wikia set name="en.ddr" where name="ddr";

update wikia set name="ja.doraemon" where name="doraemon";

update wikia set name="cancer" where name="en.cancer";

update wikia set name="fantasy" where name="en.fantasy";

update wikia set name="futurama" where name="en.futurama";

update wikia set name="gta" where name="en.gta";

update wikia set name="israel" where name="en.israel";

update wikia set name="tibia" where name="en.tibia";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="eomemoryalpha";

update wikia set name="kultur" where name="Feuilleton";

update wikia set name="pl.mightandmagic" where name="mightandmagic";

update wikia set name="opensource" where name="oss";

update wikia set name="silenthill" where name="silent";

update wikia set name="education" where name="v2l";

update wikia set name="students" where name="wesleyan";

update wikia set name="wikiality.com" where name="wikiality";

update wikia set name="war" where name="ww2";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/de";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/en";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/mu";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/nl";

update wikia set name="en.dcdatabaseproject.com" where name="dcdatabaseproject.com";

update wikia set name="en.marveldatabase.com" where name="www.marveldatabase.com";

update wikia set name="memory-alpha.org" where name="memory-alpha.org/es/";

update wikia set name="en.trains" where name="ukrailways";

update wikia set name="ageofempires" where name="ageofkings";

update wikia set name="talesofpirates" where name="Talesofpirates";

update wikia set name="super-smash-bros" where name="ssb";

update wikia set name="fr.wowwiki.com" where name="WikiWoW France"

update wikia set name="" where name="Tamsui";

update wikia set name="assassinscreed" where name="assasinscreed";

update wikia set name="es.starcraft" where name="es.starcraft2";

update wikia set name="wiki.ffxiclopedia.org" where name="FFXIclopedia";

update wikia set name="anime" where name="en.anime";

update wikia set name="ja.wiki.ffxiclopedia.org" where name="FFXIclopedia (ja)";

get rid of dupes

delete from wikia where name="animalcrossing"; delete from wikia where name="en.fantasy"; delete from wikia where name="oss"; delete from wikia where name="v2l"; delete from wikia where name="dcdatabaseproject.com"; delete from where name="ukrailways"; delete from where name="ageofkings"; delete from where name="assasinscreed"; delete from where name="en.anime";

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