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    There is a disease out there today...under the radar of the major medical establishment. A patholgical illness that can't be treated, ladies and gentleman. Sorry, no avian flu innoculations can save you from this information epidemic.

    The Wikinfection![edit]


    Some general symptoms of this infection can be seen below:

    <+mutante> damn, i wrote a link like [[Bla]] when writing in a regular
                     html page
    <+mutante> haha, wiki got me
    < Cosmea_> i tried this in an email yesterday

    notice the subject very non-chalant about the serious serious implications of this plague. Notice the seemingly light-hearted laughter, but deep down inside it is a sick desperate laugh, one that is calling for help. '...wiki got me (please help me!!! I have no control!)'.

    Indeed it has brother, indeed it has.

    yes, I am --Took 00:21, 30 March 2006 (CEST)

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