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A 'Wiki hive' is a server hosting multiple wikis which allows users to create new wikis on the fly.

Also commonly called "Wiki Farm".

The term "wiki hive" as in "bee hive" was proposed by Mattis and visually connects it to swarm behaviour of users in multiple wikis. ([1]),([2]).

"Traditional beehives provided an enclosure for the bee colony but little more. Because there is no internal structure provided for the bees to start from, the bees fill the space in the hive with comb. "


Several pages on hive-wiki include statistics data from Wikistats, provided in Oddmuse syntax.

AccDeWikiHive includes accwiki_odd.php local: ACC-Wiki

GratisWikiComHive includes gratiswiki_odd.php local: Gratis-Wiki

WikiSiteComHive includes wikisite_odd.php local: Wiki-Site

EditThisWikiHive includes editthis_odd.php local: EditThis

ScribbleWikiHive includes scribblewiki_odd.php local: ScribbleWiki

WikIsHive includes wik.is_odd.php local: Wik.is

ElWikiHive includes elwiki_odd.php local: ElWiki

WikiaHive includes wikia_odd.php local: Wikia

Also see: WikiHiveListPages, Category:Wikistats

To Do

<tasks> [1] Add a line "X is a Mediawiki-based Wiki hive" on top of every local page listed above (MattisManzel) [1] Put them together in Category:Wiki hives ? (MattisManzel) [2] Continue construction, add non-mediawiki Wikihives .. (MattisManzel) </tasks>

Further Reading

Concept by Mattis Manzel.

This page is still under construction.

Examples of Wiki hives are: EditThis,Wikia,Wiki-Site,Gratis-Wiki.. (these are all Mediawiki based)

There are also OddWiki-based hives.

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